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Legacy Hardware Requirements

Microsoft Products

In order for us to provide you with secure and dependable applications, the Microsoft products that our applications rely on must also be secure and dependable. That means your Microsoft Windows and SQL Server products must adhere to the Microsoft Mainstream Support Policy.

Client Operating Systems

  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office 2021
  • Microsoft Office 2019 (until October 10 2023)
  • Microsoft Office 365 (not including pre-installed app)

Windows Standard Server

  • Windows Standard Server 2022
  • Windows Standard Service 2019 (until Jan 9 2024)

Windows Datacenter Server

  • Windows Datacenter Server 2019 (until Jan 9 2024)

Microsoft SQL Server

  • 2022
  • 2019

Learn More

Check out the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy for detailed information about Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and determine when your Microsoft products will move to Extended Support.

Click here for detailed information about the Microsoft Outlook integration.

Supported POS Printers

USB connected printers, Impact Printers, and multifunctional devices (fax/print/scan) are NOT supported.
Also, the printer must be installed by TCP/IP port using the local IP address on the same computer where the Evosus client is installed.

Receipt Printers


  • Ethernet Star TSP143
  • Ethernet Star TSP654
  • Ethernet Epson TM-T88v

NOT Supported:

  • USB connected printers
  • Impact Printers
  • Multifunctional devices (fax/print/scan)

Barcode Label Printers


  • Ethernet Bixolon XD3-40d
  • Ethernet Bixolon SRP770iie (this version is supported with versions of Evsous prior to 6.7)
  • Ethernet Bixolon SRP770iiie

Supported Barcode Labels:

  • part# 03-02-1519

8.5" x 11" Full-size Document Printers

Evosus Software is compatible with all single function network-connected laser printers.

Supported POS Hardware

Barcode Scanners

  • Honeywell 1300G USB
  • Honeywell 1202G Bluetooth (wireless) 

Cash Drawers

Cash drawers must be connected to a supported receipt printer in order to be controlled by Evosus Legacy software.

Inventory Count Memory Scanner

  • Koamtac 350 - 348052
  • Koamtac 350 - 348152

Pole Display

  • Bixolon BCD-1100 USB Pole Display (tested for use with Windows 10 Pro and Evosus 6.7.198)

Evosus Mobile Service Requirements

Evosus Mobile Service v3

Evosus Software v6.4.28 or older

iOS 8.0 or later

Android 5.0 or later

Evosus Mobile Service v4

Evosus Software 6.6.407 or later

iOS 10.0 or later

Android 6.0 or later